M621 Leeds Digital Advertising Board

Leeds Craven Gate sits aside the M621 in Leeds. After passing through large cities such as Sheffield on the linking M1, dissecting through Leeds on the way to Newcastle, with major cities of Bradford and affluent towns such as York and Harrogate within easy reach, it is easy to see why a large format mega 6 style portrait LED screen standing nearly 10 metres tall is a perfect location for such an iconic advertising screen. It is the only mega large format on the M621, which will serve as excellent marketing for anyone within the Yorkshire and Humber regions.

With Leeds being a bustling major northern hub with thriving entertainment, leisure and retail locations, plus the retail hubs at both Junction 32 and York amongst others, campaigns for this area could reap the rewards from utilising Engage’s Craven Gate facility.

Engage aims to bring this form of highly influential campaigning to local brands and companies, not just the national global brands which fill the majors like JC Decaux and Global. There are only so many slots to fill and in this ever increasingly popular sector, we will have the very best locations in Leeds and the North.

With a traffic count of over 65,000 passing this location every day, this really has to be the very best way to advertise your brand.

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