Church Road Liverpool Digital Advertising Board

Located just 1 mile from our other Liverpool site on Dunning’s Bridge Road at Switch Island, this is our latest addition to the portfolio, a new D48 located on the Beech Car Garage pitch on Church Road.
Dunning’s Bridge Road turns into Church Road as it moves closer to Liverpool, coupled with our existing D48 on Scotland Road, we now have a trio of high-quality D48’s within a 3 mile radius of each other, ideal for Liverpool campaigns.

This new site is located on a motor sales pitch and is angled perfectly so you will have a full view in both directions of the twin lane dual carriageway.

Traveling out of Liverpool you navigate around an island which naturally slows traffic down, and the traffic gets very heavy especially in peak times, ensuring very good dwell time. Travelling towards Liverpool you will see the screen on the left-hand side as you pass the garage, but more importantly, there is an island on the corner of the pitch, 20 yards from the screen, with traffic lights, ensuring there is always a long queue of traffic, perfect dwell time for our screen and the ad campaigns .

With over 50,000 vehicles passing this point every day, it’s a perfect location to market your brand.

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