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Engage Outdoor Media present the latest addition to our Birmingham portfolio a brand new D48 P8 screen,
built to the highest standards.

Located on the far side of the island connecting Nechell’s Parkway to Heartlands Parkway, of the A47
Birmingham bound direction.

This Birmingham section of the A47 is a trunk road from Spitfire Island to Birmingham’s ring road and is
one of the most used arterial routes into the city, passing the now-iconic building Fort Dunlop, The Fort
Shopping Centre, and Star City on the way to the Birmingham city centre.

The screen is wall-mounted and has a clear view from all city-bound traffic, or any traffic navigating the
island. With a very heavy traffic count of over 40,000 vehicles per day, with the usual busy periods, and
dwell time expected at such busy junctions, this is an exceptional location. Ensuring Engage will own
Screens on all major Arterial routes into Birmingham’ City Centre.

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